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1. Getting Started

AISystem Products CORP website ( The following directory together with the following "this site") is operated by AISystem Products CORP ("our company") . Before using this site, please read the following terms of service. When you use this site, we assume that you agree to this terms of service.

2. About change of service contents

We may change the contents of services provided on this site without notice. In addition, due to maintenance work, system failure or other reasons, we may suspend the operation of all or part of this site temporarily or long-term without prior notice.

3. Disclaimer

We carefully note the information to be posted on this site. However, we do not guarantee its completeness. We will give priority to all the details concerning our business. We do not assume any responsibility even if the user receives any damage by using this site.

We will not take any responsibility even if the service is interrupted due to maintenance work of this site, system failure or other reasons, and as a result the user suffered damage.

4. Link to this site

Link to this site is prohibited in principle. However, we will exclude this subject only when we inform you in advance. Please also inform us of your name, address, telephone number and e-mail address, and the URL of the website to which you are linking. Please note that links may be refused depending on the content of the website of the linking source may damage our corporate image or depending on the linking method etc.

When setting this site as a link destination, it is necessary to clarify that it is a link to our website as a link source. In addition, we assume that you also agree that the terms of use of this site will also apply to that link source. In addition, the link to this website is limited to http: //

5. Our exclusion from the link

In order to complement the information provided in this site, this site may link to a third party's website. The contents of a third-party website (hereinafter referred to as "linked site") linking from this site are managed by their respective responsibilities. We are not responsible for any damages caused by the content of the linked site or by using them.

6. Governing law and statutory jurisdiction

Interpretation and application of this site and this use condition are in accordance with Japanese law. Also, regarding all disputes involving this site, unless otherwise stipulated, the Nagoya High Court under jurisdiction of the jurisdiction of Japan shall be jurisdiction of the court.

Information on this site is provided mainly for those living in Japan. If you are accessing from outside Japan, please check product information in that country.

7. About trademark, copyright and other rights

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