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Production of special electrolytic reducing ion water

Research, development and manufacture of cosmetic and cosmetic raw materials

Using special electrolytic reducing ionic water, eliminate excess to the ultimate, realize a skin care with higher absorption rate.
We are researching, developing, and manufacturing cosmetic and cosmetic ingredients that return to the base of basic cosmetics, incorporating only what is necessary for the skin.

Research, development and manufacture of pharmaceuticals and pharmaceutical raw materials

Our pharmaceutical ingredients made by "Special Electrolytic Reducing Ionic Water" are safe materials that do not contain any dangerous ingredients such as preservatives.
It is excellent in antibacterial, cleansing, penetrating, moisturizing and dispersing power, and it has functions of eradication, rust prevention, deodorization and antiseptic, so it can be used for a wide range of applications and products.

Filling and sales of air compression spray cans

We have developed a safe spray system by enabling air compression by precision technology (patented).
Easy refilling, gentle to the atmosphere, gentle to both humans and the environment (spraying machine patented).